Enjoy the taste of bubbly chat!
     Enjoy the taste of bubbly chat!
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Welcome to Bubbly Chat! Welcome to Bubbly Chat! Welcome to Bubbly Chat!
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what is bubbly chat?

3D Chat Rooms
BubblyChat is a new and exciting chat platform that will change your idea of Internet communication.
free 3d chat rooms
Enter the BubblyChat virtual 3D city where you can explore, meet new friends, chat, play games and more. Find out more...
Audio and Video Chat
On BubblyChat, you can enjoy live audio and video chat with your friends. You can make up to 5 video calls to 5 different friends at the same time.
bubblyblab video chat

Add Free 3D Chat
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You can add 3d Chat to your web page... Its free and it will only take your 1 minute... You can get it here...
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chat rules

BubblyChat rooms are fun and entertaining places where you can meet new friends in an enjoyable and charming virtual world. To keep BubblyChat safe and secure, we have a few rules to follow.

chat safety

We’ve done our best to make BubblyChat a secure chat environment and a pleasant experience for you. There are a few items you need to pay attention to, though.
Please read on.

chat requirements

To enter BubblyChat you don't need to download and install any software. Just make sure you have the Macromedia Flash Player. Download the latest version here.

  Now Play Backgammon!
play backgammon while chatting
Now on BubblyChat you can play the game of backgammon while you're chatting. When you're done exploring, sit down in a comfortable spot and enjoy a fun and challenging game of real backgammon.







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